Misconception and Truth about Apollo 11 

Apalo 11

Misconception and Truth about Apollo 11 

Apollo 11 – Mission to the Moon Made Possible with Aluminum

By Maheen Ashfaque Soomro 


There has always been acceptance and rejections, argumentative debates and research on the scientific inventions and theories in the World. Apollo Mission 11 is not an exception.  Many people believe that Commander Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never went on the moon, however then people came up with reasons for this.


One of the reasons given by people is that the footprints available on google are not matching Neil Armstrong’s shoe but these footprints are not of Neil Armstrong, in fact those are from Buzz Aldrin.

Next, people say that the flag which Aldrin placed on moon was waving but there is no air on the moon so the answer for this is that the flag was not waving, Armstrong and Aldrin were just facing some difficulties to open the rod and they could not open the upper one so the flag was just looking like it was waving but it wasn’t.

There is also a myth that there aren’t any stars in the photo, stars are there but they are just too faint to show up. If you take a photo at night stars wouldn’t show up too. 


There was a cold war between Russia and America during 1957 over who would be the first one to go to the moon. That is why people think that this mission was just a lie from America but the truth is that America used NASA and spent a lot of money on this mission to win that Cold War.

American people at that time were also protesting that the money which America spent on this mission was a waste for none and they could have made many Harvard Universities in each of the states. 


Apollo 11 was the first mission that achieved a crewed moon landing, and many papers and researches have proved that the Apollo mission is a crystal-clear truth.