Minimum 18 years condition for marriage challenged

KARACHI: In the Arzoo Fatima case, accused Ali Azhar challenged in the Sindh High Court, the condition of at least 18 years for marriage in the Sindh Child Marriage Restraining Act. The court adjourned further hearing indefinitely.

The petitioner’s counsel in the Arzoo case, said that the condition of 18 years for marriage of a girl is not in accordance with Shariah. According to Shariah, the condition of marriage is puberty.

On this, the court said that this matter belongs to the Shariat Court, you take it there, and this matter does not fall within the purview of the High Court.

The court sought arguments from the petitioner’s counsel regarding the jurisdiction of the hearing and asked him to tell, whether the High Court or the Shariah Court has the authority to hear the petition.

It should be noted that the Sindh High Court has declared the marriage of Arzoo and Ali Azhar illegal under the Child Marriage Act. The court had declared the marriage null and void as Arzoo was under 18 years of age.

Arzoo Fatima, a Christian girl, was allegedly abducted and forced to convert and marry to Ali Azhar 44.

Arzoo’s parents claim that their daughter was abducted from their home located in the Railway Colony of Karachi, Pakistan on October 13. Raja, Arzoo’s father, reported the incident to local police and lodged FIR.