Lady health workers protest outside Sindh Chief Minister House

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- Screen grab ( Daily Outcome )

KARACHI: Lady health workers protested outside Sindh Chief Minister House, blocking the roads in CM House’s vicinity.

Protesting lady health workers blocked the PIDC road on Thursday afternoon resulting in traffic Jam in District South, Karachi. The lady health workers demanded for an increase in their allowance and a change in their service structure.

“I have been working in this profession for the last 20 years. In all this time we have seen minimal raise in our allowances, we don’t get proper pensions or any incentives. This government have forced us to come out on streets for our rights” – said one protester.

As they marched towards the CM House, police closed the Khaliquzzaman Road for traffic. One lady health worker was injured during the protest by a motorcycle and was moved to a nearby hospital.
The lady health workers have refused to stand down and call off their protest until their demands are met.