King Charles of Great Britain can avail facilities and privileges

King Charles

King Charles of Great Britain can avail facilities and privileges

Britain’s new royal ruler, King Charles III, will have a number of benefits after taking over the British throne, some of which are quite interesting.

The following is a list of extraordinary privileges that the new monarch of Great Britain will receive.

1- No need for passport and driving license

King Charles III will travel abroad without a passport because, unlike other members of the royal family, he will not need one, nor will such documents be issued in his name.

2- Two birthdays

Charles’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, also celebrated two birthdays a year, her actual birthday being celebrated privately on April 21, and the Queen’s birthday being officially celebrated on the second Tuesday in June as the summer season parades.

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Similarly, Charles’ actual birthday falls on November 14 at the beginning of winter, but he is expected to celebrate his official birthday in June, just like his mother.

3- Stay neutral

The holder of the British throne cannot vote, nor stand for election, and as head of state must remain strictly neutral in political matters.

4- Royal privilege over aquatic life

The rule of the British monarch is not only limited to the people of his kingdom, but since the 12th century it has been a practice that even swans in open waters in England and Wales are considered the property of the monarch.

Royal privilege also applies to sturgeon, dolphins and whales in British waters.

5- Royal Warrant

Royal Warrants are issued to those who regularly deliver goods and services to the King, and this warrant is considered a great honor.

Warrant companies are authorized to use the Royal Arms on their goods.