Karachi Medical & Dental College elevated to university status

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Karachi Medical & Dental College elevated to university status

Karachi, Dec 21,2023: Mayor of Karachi, Murtaza Wahab, announced a significant development, stating that the People’s Party leadership has fulfilled another promise to the people of Karachi by granting university status to Karachi Medical and Dental College.

In an official statement, Mayor Murtaza Wahab revealed that Karachi Medical and Dental College has been accorded the prestigious status of a university. As a result, the institution will now be recognized as “Karachi Metropolitan University.”

This decision is expected to enhance the academic and research capabilities of the former college and elevate its standing within the educational landscape. The transformation to university status reflects a commitment to advancing education and healthcare in the region.

The renaming of Karachi Medical and Dental College to Karachi Metropolitan University is seen as a symbolic move, aligning the institution with its metropolitan identity and emphasizing its broader role in contributing to the educational and healthcare needs of the Karachi populace.

Mayor Murtaza Wahab expressed optimism about the positive impact this transformation will have on the quality of education and healthcare services provided by the institution, further solidifying its role in shaping the future of medical and dental professionals in the city.