Judges and spouses exempt from airport searches


Judges and spouses exempt from airport searches

ISLAMABAD, Dec 17,2023: In a recent development, serving judges, including the Chief Justice, and their spouses have been granted immunity from searches at airports throughout the country.

The warrant of immunity, issued on October 12, extends this privilege to the esteemed members of the judiciary and their life partners. The directive for this special status comes from the Supreme Court, with the Secretary of Aviation officially issuing the order.

The Airport Security Force, acting under the explicit instructions of the Secretary of Aviation, has formally communicated that serving judges and their wives, including the Chief Justice, will be exempt from security searches at airports nationwide.

This unprecedented move aims to uphold the dignity and status of the judiciary, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for the esteemed judges and their spouses. As discussions surrounding this decision unfold, Skyline News remains committed to providing comprehensive coverage of this significant development.