‘It’s Pakistan card not Sindh card’, says Nasir Shah

Local Govt minister Nasir Shah

‘It’s Pakistan card not Sindh card’, says Nasir Shah

KARACHI (June 10, 2021): Sindh Provincial Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said we are not playing any Sindh card, we are talking about Pakistan card because we are talking about the whole of Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference along with Faisal Karim Kundi and Sharjeel Memon Nasir Hussain Shah said that Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah attended the NEC meeting in Islamabad and raised the voice that the share of Sindh is not being given while the share of Sindh should not be deducted

The federal government did not yet given Rs. 87 billion which is affecting projects in Sindh and added that Sindh contributes 70% of the revenue but in PSDP meager funds are allocated to Sindh.

“It is alleged that that we are playing Sindh card, I want to make it clear, we are not talking about Sindh card, we are talking about Pakistan card because we are talking about the whole of Pakistan.

Bahria Town

Nasir Shah said that the PPP was accused for being with Bahria Town and now we are being accused of attacking Bahria Town.

Syed Nasir Shah said, some incident took place in Malir villages one month back, and Chairman Bilawal Bhutto took notice of it. The minister and lawmakers visited the hospital and village.

Referring to recent incident at Bahria Town he said the protesters had promised peaceful protest, but the road was blocked. Some protesters carrying photos of Altaf, chanted slogans against Pakistan and damaged property. He further said such elements left their leader but not his ideology. They are shedding tears for Karachi, in fact they had destroyed the institutions. Such elements will not be spared. Action will be taken against those who damaged property in Bahria Town.

Water issue

He said that due to unfair distribution of water, crisis has arisen in some districts.

The 1991 Water Accord is not being implemented and added that federal ministers instead of presenting facts, are lying to save their ministries.

Nasir Hussain Shah said that they did not get any candidate in the by election of Badin hence they supported the candidate of JUI-F who could get only 65000 votes.

“We did development work according to our resources due to which the people supported us, we have won more seats from Sindh than before, he said.

The minister said, “we are not stopping any project, federal govt was handing over the projects of Sindh to a company. Is this company also working in other provinces?” and added hence we have objection on this point.

NDMA has cleared only three drains of Karachi. The other 38 drains are being cleaned by Solid Waste Management Company and will be supervised by Nespak.

Federal Minister Ali Zaidi had claimed that he had collected 128,000 tons of garbage whereas the garbage reached was only 18,000 tons.

He said that those terming lockdown as economic murder are the ones who had used to arson the markets, siege, looting and murders further they were talking about a separate province.


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