Islamabad court approves Shahbaz Gill’s 2 days physical remand

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Shahbaz Gill refuses to go with Islamabad police

ISLAMABAD, Aug 10,2022- The Islamabad court handed over Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shahbaz Gill to the police on 2-day physical remand.

The court also ordered the Kohsar police to produce Shehbaz Gill again on Friday.

Earlier, Shahbaz Gill was produced in the Islamabad court, where Duty Magistrate Umar Shabbir heard the case.

On behalf of the Islamabad Police, the court requested the physical remand of Shehbaz Gill.

Shahbaz Gill’s lawyer Faisal Chaudhry opposed the plea of ​​physical remand in the court.

The police requested the court that the mobile phone should be recovered from the accused Shahbaz Gill, the paper on which the accused was speaking should also be recovered, and an investigation should also be carried out on whose request the program took place. Remand should be approved.

PTI leader Shahbaz Gill arrested on treason charges

On this occasion, Shahbaz Gill’s lawyer said that the program did not take place at the behest of anyone.

The court reserved its decision on the police’s request for physical remand of Shahbaz Gill.

Pronouncing the reserved verdict after some time, the court handed over Shahbaz Gill to the police on physical remand for two days.

What did Shahbaz Gill say?

Arrested Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shahbaz Gill while talking to the media outside the court before the appearance said that there is nothing in my statement that is embarrassing.

He further said that my statement is a statement of patriotism, a statement of love for the army, I did not try to incite anyone.

Arrested PTI leader Shahbaz Gill also said that bureaucratic officers who are talking wrong, I spoke about them.

Case filed against Shahbaz Gill

Yesterday, a case was registered against Shahbaz Gill for alleged treason against institutions.

A case was registered against Shahbaz Gill at Kohsar police station under 10 serious provisions of PPC.

Script was prepared under Imran Khan’s supervision

On August 9, Minister for Home affairs Rana Sanaullah in a tweet said that a script was prepared under Imran Khan’s supervision and was propagated by Shahbaz Gill on ARY news, which was complicit in the whole saga, to create rifts between ranks of the state institution. Gill has been arrested on account of sedition charges according to the law.

FIR has been registered on behalf of the state in the Kohsar Police Station. The accused will be presented in the court tomorrow morning and the court will decide. It has become pretty obvious that IK wants to divide the nation by giving air to provocative statements.