Irrigation authorities decide to make cut at zero point in LBOD

Jhuddo area

Irrigation department decides to make cut at zero point in LBOD

The irrigation department has been decided to make cut at the zero point of the LBOD drainage channel in Sindh.

Due to the dangerous increase in the water level in LBOD, the Irrigation Department has decided to install a cut at the zero point.

There is severe pressure on the embankments of the drain, while soil has also washed away from many places.

Reports said that if cut was not made, it is feared that it may breach at any place.

On receiving the information about the cut, the residents of the nearby population are protesting and saying that they will not allow the cut here.

The announcements are also being made that the residents of the area should move to a safe place.

Officials of the Irrigation Department said that a cut will be made at RD 211 zero point of LBOD, which will provide relief to the dangerously rising water level and release water from here to the Indus Delta.

Provincial Minister Sardar Shah, Irrigation Minister Jam Khan Shoro and irrigation officers have been summoned atr Badin.

PPP MPAs face to face over cut in LBOD

Provincial Minister Sardar Shah said that the decision will be made to cut the Hakro Dhoro  after the briefing of the irrigation authorities.

Sardar Shah said that the LBOD is weak at zero point, any time it can be destroyed, and would give birth to human tragedy.

He said that it was not the people’s resistance, but the decision to cut was postponed because of Arbab Lutfullah