Indian student gets job in Facebook company

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Indian student gets job in Facebook company

An Indian student got a job in a Facebook company for Rs 18 million a year.

Besakh Mondal, a native of Kolkata, is a fourth-year student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Jadavpur University.

According to an Indian newspaper, this is the highest paid job of any university student this year.

Earlier, nine students of the same university were able to get jobs abroad with an annual salary of more than Rs 10 million.

Besakh will leave for London in September for his new job. He said that in the two years of the Corona epidemic, he had the opportunity to do internships in various institutions and he learned a lot in addition to his curriculum.

Besakh was also offered a job by Google and Amazon, but he chose Facebook because of his higher salary.

Besakh belongs to a lower middle class family and his mother is a nurse by profession. Monitoring Desk