Imran Khan says his govt will investigate Pakistanis mentioned in Pandora papers

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Imran Khan’s U-Turn on appointment of Chief Election Commissioner

ISLAMABAD Oct 03,32021- Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said that his government will investigate all Pakistani citizens mentioned in the Pandora Papers and if any wrongdoing was established will take appropriate action.

In tweet message Prime Minister said, “I call on the international community to treat this grave injustice as similar to the climate change crisis.”

Over 700 Pakistanis owning offshore companies appeared in Pandora Papers

Imran Khan added, “My over-two decades struggle has been premised on the belief that countries are not poor but corruption causes poverty because money is diverted from being invested in our people. Also, this resource-theft causes devaluation, leading to thousands of poverty-related deaths.”

Welcoming Pandora Papers disclosure Prime minister said Pandora Papers exposing the ill-gotten wealth of elites, accumulated through tax evasion & corruption & laundered out to financial “havens”. The UN SG’s Panel FACTI calculated a staggering $7 trillion in stolen assets parked in largely offshore tax havens.