Imran Khan replacing plaques on welfare projects with bearing his name, Bilawal Bhutto says

KARACHI (May 21, 2021): The Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the people of Pakistan were passing through their most difficult times only because of incompetence and ineptitude of the absurd policies of the PTI led federal government of Pakistan.

The federal government, under Prime Minister Imran Khan has proven to be absolutely unfit for the job of governing Pakistan. Governance, to the PM, seems to mean taking notice of sky-rocketing inflation but doing nothing to counter it, the Chairman PPP said.

The only tangible action that the selected PM seems to take is replacing plaques on Public Welfare projects with ones bearing his name, he added. “There is not a single project that has benefitted the country that Imran Khan can claim credit for. All we have to show for two and half years of his inept government are broken promises and bold face lies, coupled with back breaking debt and soul crushing inflation. Where the nation demands leadership, we get the same tired ad hominem attacks on his opponents from the PM.”

The Chairman PPP was of the view that it would be impossible for the PM to keep the rampant corruption of his government hidden. Even efforts to bury the Auditors Generals damning report on severe irregularities of COVID-19 funds would fail, he added.

Announcing lucrative incentives for the elites and crony capitalists would only make the rich richer at the cost of the poor, he said.

With declining wages, the rupees devaluation, and rapidly growing income disparity, it is the government’s responsibility to serve the weakest, not the strongest, he opined.

“Covid-19 is not an excuse that we will allow the Prime Minister to hide behind. Every decision this government has made has brought us further to ruin. And it is clear that Imran Khan serves only the interests of the wealthy, and condones the exploitation of the weak.”

The Chairman PPP accused the puppet PM, Imran Khan, of driving the country to the brink of disaster. “As the government lurches from one crisis to the next, the Prime Minister deflects blame to the opposition. He is incapable of even a base level of introspection. We are in the midst of perhaps the worst economic crisis our country has seen, and instead of making policies to take us out of it, and remedying the damage to the economy, the Prime Minister is busy in persecuting and slandering the opposition.”