High flood in Swat river, dozens houses washed away

Incessant monsoon rains caused the Swat River to overflow its banks, sweeping away several buildings in Bahrain.

As a result of high level flood in Swat river, rainwater entered houses and historic mosque of Kalam. At places landslides led to closure of Swat Motorway while more landslides are expected.

On the other hand, the road between Bahrain and Madin was washed away in a flash flood, Madin-Bahrain road has been closed for traffic.

According to the Motorway Police, Swat Expressway is partially closed at Pillai due to landslides, traffic coming from Islamabad, Peshawar is being diverted through Pillai Interchange.

The spokesperson of the Motorway Police said that the traffic coming from Swat has been blocked at Chakdra.

Alert for tourists

An alert has been issued for residents and tourists in Bahrain and Kalam due to the flood situation.

According to NHA, flood situation has occurred in Swat due to heavy rain, tourists and locals in Swat should avoid non-essential travel, N95 and N90 from Bahrain to Kalam section is very bad.