Hadiqa Kiyani to release music album after a long time

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Hadiqa Kiyani to release music album after a long time

LAHORE, Jan 02,2022 – Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiyani has announced to release her music album after a long time.

The poetry and lyrics of the album have been written by Hadiqa Kiyani and her mother. The singer told her album’s name will be ‘Wasal’ and that she faced difficulty in singing Pushto song.

She further termed acting as more complex profession than singing.

Hadiqa Kiyani is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer, actress and a philanthropist. She has received numerous local and international awards and also has performed at the Royal Albert Hall and The Kennedy Center.

In the early 1990s, Kiyani came onto TV to host a children’s music program called “Angan Angan Taray”. In the 3+1⁄2-year-long run, she had sung over around 1000 songs for children while hosting the show.

Kiyani began to sing songs as a playback singer for movies in the early 90s, most notably was the hit Pakistani movie called Sargam, which was starring and being composed by Adnan Sami Khan.

Kiyani released her debut album Raaz (Secret) in 1996. The album spawned a string of radio-friendly hits and received positive reviews.

She was the first female singer to release a pop album after the former pop singer, Nazia Hassan, gave up her musical career.