Govt taking Cambridge exams for sake of ego: Asim Azhar

A campaign to get postponed the Cambridge System exams continued, despite Pakistani courts have rejected the students’ plea. More and more people from entertainment sector through social media are demanding postponement of these exams.

Cambridge International exams in Pakistan will start tomorrow (Monday), however, in India and Bangladesh due to increasing cases of corona virus, Cambridge exams will not be held.

Media reports said, the Cambridge had asked the government of Pakistan to inform if it did not want to take the exam, but the Federal Ministry of Education decided to take the exams.

Asim Azhar, a young singer of the Pakistani music industry, has said that it seems that the government is taking students exams for the sake of its ego. In a message on social networking site Twitter

Asim Azhar said, “The government is saying that it is taking exams for the future of the students.”

Asim Azhar questioned, “If students get infected with the corona virus, what will be their future?””At this point, it feels like the government has taken it upon itself to take exams this year,” the singer said.

Beautiful Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has appealed to Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood to cancel the Cambridge exams.

In a tweet on social media, Mehwish Hayat said that holding exams during the third wave of Corona would be dangerous, adding that it was inappropriate to force students to take exams.

Earlier senior actress Atiqa Odho had suggested to Prime Minister Imran Khan to consider canceling the exams in view of the rising cases of corona virus.

Leading actor and singer Agha Ali also demanded the government to cancel the exams in view of the dangerous situation of corona virus.