February 21, 2024

Fire Erupts in Karachi’s Ayesha Manzil: 3 Dead, 2 Injured


Fire Erupts in Karachi's Ayesha Manzil: 3 Dead, 2 Injured

KARACHI, Dec 6,2023: A devastating fire broke out in a multi-story building in Karachi’s Ayesha Manzil, claiming the lives of three individuals and leaving two others injured. The incident unfolded as the flames rapidly spread from the ground floor to the fifth floor, eventually engulfing the entire structure.

Rescue officials on the scene have categorized the fire as third-degree, expressing concerns that the affected building could collapse imminently.

The bodies of the three deceased victims, who suffered fatal burns in the blaze, have been transported to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. However, as of now, their identities remain unknown.

Eyewitnesses at the scene revealed that the fire originated from a cylinder in a tailor’s shop. The cylinder reportedly leaked, triggering the blaze, with the shopkeeper being the first casualty. Efforts to contain the fire were hindered as it quickly spread, fueled by combustible materials in the vicinity.

One witness described the harrowing sequence of events, noting that the fire began in the first street of the market, specifically in a cloth shop. The building, housing more than 250 shops and approximately 450 residential flats, posed a formidable challenge to firefighting efforts.

Rescue 1122 reported that over 300 people have been successfully evacuated from the premises amid fears that the compromised building structure may collapse at any moment. The evacuation efforts were particularly critical given the large number of occupants in the building.

According to the shopkeeper, the leaking cylinder ignited, leading to a subsequent explosion. The impact extended beyond the building, causing nearby parked cars to catch fire. In a bid to ensure the safety of residents, all flats within the building have been vacated.

As emergency response teams continue their efforts to contain the aftermath, investigations into the incident’s cause and the identities of the victims are underway. The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for stringent safety measures and vigilance in densely populated urban areas.