Farah Khan also becomes victim of fraud

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Farah Khan also becomes victim of fraud

Farhat Shahzadi alias Farah Khan, who is facing charges of alleged corruption, was also became victim of fraud.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials said that Farhat Shahzadi alias Farah Khan, a friend of the first lady, booked a luxury car, but Farah Khan neither got the car nor money.

According to officials, the accused fled from the country and a case was registered against him, while Farah Khan wrote his real name as Farhat Shahzadi in the FIR.

Officials said that Farah Khan had booked a luxury car for Rs 7 crore and had paid Rs 36.3 million as an advance in booking the car.

Authorities say the case is under investigation and the accused has fled the country.

According to FIA officials, Farah Khan, the victim of the fraud, was not alone but 23 people, including her, were charged for booking a luxury car.

Officials of the investigating agency said that the accused named Abu Zar had squandered the money of all the people and money laundering clause has also been imposed.

He said that 7 FIRs were also registered against the accused by the police. Apart from FIA, NAB is also investigating the matter. (foto social media)