Edhi Foundation offers helping hand to India to fight virus

KARACHI: The Edhi Foundation, Faisal Edhi has offered its services to neighboring India in the wake of spike of Coronavirus.

Faisal Edhi wrote a letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allow his foundation and it’s volunteer to come to India and help the needy people.

In a statement issued here on Friday, Edhi Foundation statement expressed concern over the rapidly spreading corona virus in, but also said that in this hour of suffering, the Edhi Foundation and Its volunteers stand with the people of neighboring India.

He has offered Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to send 50 ambulances and a team of volunteers to India to help the people of India in their time of need.

As soon as they get permission, they left for India with their special volunteer team, Faisal Edhi wrote in the letter.

The letter reads: As a neighbouring friend we sympathise with you and during this strenuous time, we would like to extend our help in the form of 50 ambulances along with our services to assist you in addressing the health issue.

Edhi further said that in order to implement our proposed services, we only request your permission to enter India.

Shaniera Akram, philanthropist and wife of former Pakistani bowler Wasim Akram, on Friday said that her prayers are with neighbouring India as the country is going through the worst coronavirus situation.

Akram shared a video report on Twitter that highlights the loss endured by neighbouring country India due to the ongoing global pandemic in recent days.