Dr Seemi Jamali stopped from attending JPMC board meeting

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KARACHI: Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) popularly known as Jinnah Hospital head Dr Seemi Jamali was stopped from attending the board of governors meeting.

Sources in the Sindh health department said that the federal government had invited Dr. Sami Jamali to the JPMC board of governors meeting on April 1, however, the provincial health department stopped Dr. Sami Jamali from attending it.

 Sindh Health Minister Azra Pechuho has refused to accept the federally administered board of governors of JPMC.

Despite the passage of two weeks on the issue of handing over government hospitals in Karachi to the federal government, Sindh has not received a response from the federal authorities.

Sindh Health Minister Azra Pechoho wrote a letter to the federal government the issue of Karachi hospitals.

 Sindh through a letter, suggested to the federation to run the hospitals jointly.

The letter said that if the federal government wanted to run these hospitals, it should first pay the dues of Sindh. The court had also ordered the federal government to pay the dues of Sindh.