Coronavirus hits Hyderabad, 2 died

HYDERABAD: The second largest city in Sindh, Hyderabad has reported an increase in cases of corona virus, the health department said in a 24-hour report. 

In third wave of coronavirus, Hyderabad has been included in the list of 20 cities where NCOC has suggested lockdown.

According to the report of the health department, 2 people died of corona virus in Hyderabad duirng 24 hours, while 185 more people have been confirmed with corona virus.

In Hyderabad, the rate of positive cases of corona virus has gone up to 14%, 1,289 people have been tested, so far 321 people have died from corona, the number of active cases has reached 1,510.

Vaccination against corona virus is also underway in Hyderabad, with more than 1,000 people receiving the first dose of the vaccine in the last 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours, more than 280 people have been given a second dose of the vaccine, while a total of more than 1300 people have been vaccinated.

Smart lockdown has already been enforced in more than 17 areas of Hyderabad from till May 5.It should be noted that 923 more cases of corona virus have been reported in Sindh yesterday while 6 people died due to this epidemic.

The areas where Smart Lockdown has been enforced included Hussainabad, UC 8 Amani Shah Colony, Mehar Ali Society, Qasimabad UC 1 Sehrish Nagar, Revenue Housing Society, Qasimabad UC. 2 Pakora Stop, Indus Gas Society, UC No. 3 Area Abdullah Plaza, Gospel Homes, GMB Bungalows, Bakhtawar Views, Prince Town, Gulshan Society, UC4 Gulistan-e-Sajjad, UC 5 Isra University Hostel, Diplai Memon Society.

Tando Jam

Mir Colony and SAU Colony Tando Jam areas of rural Tando Jam will also be affected by Smart Lockdown.

In areas where Smart Lockdown has been imposed, movement without a mask will not be allowed.

All business and malls will be completely closed during the Smart Lockdown, however, a few exceptions will be allowed to open.

During second wave of Covid-19 pandemic in last November, Hyderabad administration imposed smart lockdown in 17 localities of the city’s six union committees.

In second wave the areas under the lockdown included diferent blocks in Unit-6 of Latifabad, Nasim Nagar, Wadhu Wah Road, Bhitai Town, Bhitai Nagar, Citizen Colony, Gulistan-i-Sajjad, Alamdar Chowk in Qasimabad, Diplai Memon Colony, Isra Village and Ink City in Qasimabad, Baldia and Sahafi colonies, and Gulistan-i-Fatima in City taluka.