Controversy erupts about PSL – 6

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PSL on Jan 27 in Karachi, Arrangements finalised

A new controversy has erupted about Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6, therefore schedule of the remaining matches of the event has been delayed, while the organization of the event has been jeopardized despite the arrival of the players in Abu Dhabi.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that the announcement of the schedule is subject to the clearance of Indian technicians.

Sources said that the schedule of the tournament would not be announced without resolving the issue of Indian technicians.

The technicians are an important part of the tournament, without them holding PSL is in danger.

Reports said that the broadcasters had been in isolation for two days, but suddenly the Abu Dhabi Health Ministry objected.

Sources said that the dispute is being resolved through high level efforts.

The PSL management’s efforts to bring back the Indian technicians were not successful and the technicians were kicked out of the hotel in Abu Dhabi and sent to Dubai.

According to sources, the Ministry of Health evicted him from the hotel last night saying that he could not stay here.

It is believed that the Indian technicians who arrived in Dubai landed in Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE, while after that they reached Abu Dhabi by land.