Chandio Sardars indicted in triple murder case

Umme rubab

Chandio Sardars indicted in triple murder case

DADU, Nov 19,2022 – Chandio Sardars indicted in triple murder case of Umme Rubab Chandio family members

Dadu’s model trial court has indicted PPP MPA brothers Sardar Khan Chandio and Burhan Khan Chandio in triple murder case. However the accused refused to plead guilty.

Umme Rubab Chandio’s father, uncle and grandfather were killed on January 17, 2018.

It is said in the charges that on the day of the incident, the accused on the instructions of MPA Sardar Chandio opened fire in the presence Burhan Khan Chandio.

UC Chairman Karamullah Chandio, his son Mukhtiar Chandio and his brother Qabil Chandio were killed in the firing.

Umme Rubab Chandio is constantly fighting to give severe punishment to the accused involved in the murder case of family members.

Umme Rabab’s family murder case: SHC orders Indictment of PPP MPA

Umme Rubab Chandio welcomed the court decision and said that today is the first step towards our victory. There is hope for justice and this hope will last.

After Dadu’s court indicted the Sardar brothers in the murder case of Umme Rabab Chandio’s three family members, the civil society pelted flowers at Umme Rabab Chandio in the crowd and raised slogans against the Sardari system.

Two Sardar brothers are on bail.

Umme Rabab had also approached the Sindh High Court to reject the bail of Sardar Chandio ans Burhan Khan Chandio.