Ashura processions being held across country

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Ashura processions being held across country

KARACHI 19,2021 – Ashura processions are being held across the country and in different parts of the world today in memory of the great sacrifice of the grandson of the Holy Prophet Hussain (RA).

The sacrifices of the martyrs of Karbala are being commemorated and tributes are being paid to them by the Zakirs.

Mobile phone service has been shut down in several cities across the country due to security concerns.

In Lahore, the main procession of Ashura Day, which emerges from the inside shoe gate of Nisar Haveli, continues on its traditional routes.

The main Ashura Day gathering in Karachi was held at Nishtar Park, after which the main procession was formed, which will follow its traditional route and end at Shah Khorashan.

The streets and roads leading to the procession route have been sealed with containers for the security of the procession.

Police and Rangers personnel are also deployed at the corridor buildings, and a bomb disposal squad also searched the procession corridor.

More than 5,000 officers and men have been deployed for the security of the procession, including women personnel, SSU commandos and RRF men.  

Snipers have also been deployed on tall buildings along the procession routes.

The procession is also being monitored by CCTV from the command and control room.

Traffic on the procession route has been diverted to alternative routes.

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