Amnesty scheme for construction sector ends today

Amnesty for construction sector

Amnesty scheme for construction sector ends today

KARACHI – Jul- 01-2021- The amnesty scheme given by the government for the construction sector ended today July 1.

If the government wanted to extend the scheme, it will have to legislate or promulgate an ordinance.

The government is in talks with the IMF to extend the real estate amnesty scheme.

Sources said that projects worth Rs 447 billion have been registered in the Prime Minister’s Construction Package.

Sources in the construction sector said that 1252 projects have been registered in the construction package.

The registration on the e-portal under the construction package will be closed from today.

Sources said that the fixed tax facility for builders and land developers will continue till December 31, 2021.

The sources further said that the completion of the projects will continue till September 30, 2023.

Sources also said that the period for purchase of housing units and plots will continue till March 30, 2023.