8 teachers killed in shooting incidents in Karam

Eight teachers were killed in two separate incidents of firing in Karam district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

A firing incident took place in a high school in Upper Kurram, as a result of which 7 teachers were killed.

Police said that unknown persons opened fire in the staff room of the school.

According to officials, emergency has been imposed in hospitals after the shooting incident.

Reports said that all the teachers who were targeted by firing were on examination duty.

Also, earlier, a teacher was killed in firing on a moving vehicle in Parachinar area of Karam district.

The police said that the search for the accused who killed the teachers is going on.

The bodies of the dead teachers are being brought to Para Chinar Hospital.

According to the police, the teacher Muhammad Sharif was killed by firing on a moving vehicle also belonged to Trimengal High School.