7-Party Coalition in the Federal Government, Independent Members Eyed for Ministries

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7-Party Coalition in the Federal Government, Independent Members Eyed for Ministries

ISLAMABAD (Agencies) – As efforts intensify for government formation in Punjab and Balochistan, sources reveal that a comprehensive power-sharing formula is being hammered out involving seven parties is in the pipeline for the federal government.

The coalition is expected to include the Muslim League-N, People’s Party, MQM, JUIF, Stability Party, Balochistan Awami Party, and Pakistan Muslim League (Shujaat Group). Notably, independent members aligning with the PML-N will also be considered for ministerial positions at both the federal and Punjab levels.

The People’s Party (PP) has engaged with the Balochistan Chief Minister, proposing to allocate the positions of Speaker and Governor to JUI and Muslim League. Consultations and suggestions are underway with various stakeholders, including Muslim League-N, People’s Party, MQM, JUIF, and the Muslim League Shujaat Group. Despite having fewer seats in the National Assembly, the People’s Party has put forth the demand for Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to assume the role of Prime Minister.

According to insider Z. Thawar, the People’s Party’s proposed formula involves offering the presidency and the chairman of the Senate to the PML-N, while also seeking the position of the speaker of the National Assembly. The PML-N is likely to nominate a candidate for the coveted post of speaker.

For the role of National Assembly speaker, the People’s Party is considering Raja Pervaiz Ashraf or Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani as potential candidates. In return, the PML-N is expected to secure the Chief Ministership of Punjab, while the PPP will secure four ministries in the Punjab government.

The Pakistan Muslim League (Shujaat Hussain group) is also slated to receive a ministry in Punjab. Furthermore, the People’s Party has expressed a desire to claim the Chief Ministership in Balochistan, showing reluctance towards appointing former Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti to the position.

With eleven members in the Balochistan Assembly, the People’s Party seeks to share the posts of Governor and Speaker with JUIF and Muslim League-N, respectively. The ongoing negotiations indicate a complex yet dynamic process towards the formation of a multi-party coalition government at various levels.