5,246 people killed in 6,244 police encounters during 30 years, book reveals

Fake encounters

5,246 people killed in 6,244 police encounters during 30 years, book reveals

KARACHI, Nov 25,2021  Monitoring Desk

As many as 5,246 people killed in 6,244 police encounters during 30 years in two provinces of Pakistan.

Extra-judicial killings and fake encounters have remained a matter of routine in the two provinces of Pakistan- Punjab and Sindh.

During the last 30 years, since 1991, there have been 6,244 police encounters in which 5,246 people have been killed.

Renowned journalist and crime reporter Ahmed Faraz has made these revelations in his book Encounter Cops, in which fake police encounters and extra judicial killings have been mentioned in detail.

The book also mentions who, when, where, why and by whom was killed in a fake police encounter and which accused were killed selectively and who were released from prisons.

The book also mentions who, instead of obtaining a judgement in favor of fake police encounters from a police officer and punishing them by the courts, set up their own courts and where and how to eliminate them.

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The book contains stories that an encounter specialist with a promise to promote to the rank of DSP in order to file a case against Asif Ali Zardari, Mir Murtaza Bhutto, an American citizen, Rehman Dakit, Atif Chaudhry, Naqibullah Mehsud, Nanhu Gorayah, Bhola Sinyara, Mazhar Tabi, Malangi, Hanifa Baba, Hira Gujjar, student leaders- Naji Butt, Humayun Gujjar, Tahir Prince and Sultan Rahi’s killer Sajo Kana.

While the names of the police officers and inspectors who conducted these fake encounters have also been mentioned.

The book also tells the stories of the first fake encounters and fake police encounters ranging from Jagga Badmash to the present day.

Which police officers were given Dracula titles for killings, the tradition of fake police encounters and judicial inquiries? Why don’t the accused who come to rescue their comrades be caught?

Which section is used by the police for encounters? The book also mentions the name of every police officer and his fake police encounter who killed many people in extrajudicial action just to save his job and make a name for himself and through his fear and terror millions built properties.

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