11 terrorists of DAESH killed in Balochistan


terrorists of DAESH were killed an a big cache of arms and explosives were recovered, in an operation conducted by the CTD Balochistan operation in District Mastung, Balochistan, said spokesman of CTD Balochistan.

It is termed a huge success for CTD Balochistan. Balochistan province saved from a big disaster. A big IBO conducted by CTD in Killi Qamar Mazar Abad in the jurisdiction of District Mastung.
11 Terrorists of DAESH killed . According to CTD spokesman, on 30th August 2021, an IBO was conducted on the pointation of DAESH Terrorist Abdul Haye who was ring leader of group involved in Mastung Police Mobile Attack in May 2021.

The said terrorist act had resulted in the martyrdom of two police officers. Deep investigation has led to unearthing of this camp of DAESH. Camp was going to be used as epicentre and launching pad of DAESH in near future.

The CTD Team reached the place and surrounded the Camp. The terrorists were asked to surrender. The terrorists opened indiscriminate firing and lobbed grenades at the CTD party. A shootout ensued.

CTD Team took precautions. When firing stopped, 11 terrorsits were found dead. Efforts are being made to identify the remaining terrorists.
Recoveries included 4 X SMGs with 360 rounds, one X LMG with 80 rounds, two X suicide jackets, three X 9 mm pistols, 15 KG explosive,
Prima Cord, eight X Hand Grenades,
Eight X Detonator, the CTD press release said.
FIR has been registered in PS CTD Balochistan. An investigation has been launched to arrest remaining members of the Network. More raids are planned for other areas of Balochistan.