Zulfi Bukhari Denies PTI Affiliation for Farah Gogi 

Farah Gogi

Zulfi Bukhari Denies PTI Affiliation for Farah Gogi 

London, Nov 15,2023: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader, Zulfi Bukhari, unequivocally stated that Farah Gogi has no association with PTI and emphasized that if Gogi is found involved in corruption, he should face severe consequences.

Discussing the democracy crisis during an interaction in London, Bukhari addressed concerns about the choice of Usman Buzdar as Chief Minister, admitting that even the Chairman of PTI realized the misjudgment in Buzdar’s selection, though the subsequent removal was not deemed appropriate.

Highlighting personal challenges, Zulfi Bukhari revealed, “Few close associates of Chairman PTI were involved in filing cases against me. One who accused me later became a sworn witness, while the other fled the country.”

PTI Leader Urges Severe Punishment for Corruption

Bukhari further contended that the controversy surrounding the ring road was a conspiracy against him, asserting that due to a lack of evidence, no substantial progress was made. He expressed his opinion on the choice of Usman Buzdar as Chief Minister, stating, “Usman Buzdar should not have been appointed. The Supreme Court’s account holds 190 million pounds, not in anyone’s pocket.”

As the PTI leader addresses the intricacies of political affiliations and challenges, the discussion in London provides insights into the party’s stance on corruption allegations and internal decision-making processes.

Farah Gogi sends legal notice to Atta Tarar

Meanwhile, Farah Gogi, a close friend of the PTI Chairman’s family, has sent a legal notice to Atta Tarar, the leader of the National League
Farhat Shahzadi alias Farah Gogi has sent a legal notice of 5 billion rupees to PML-N leader Atta Tarar, while notices have also been sent to NAB Chairman and DGFIA.