Writ Petitions against MDCAT dismissed by LHC 

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Writ Petitions against MDCAT dismissed by LHC 

ISLAMABAD: Oct 22, 2021

13 Writ Petitions challenging the manner in which the MDCAT 2021 was held and the PMC Examination Regulation 2021 were dismissed by a consolidated judgment handed down by Justice Jawad Hassan, of the Lahore High Court.

The High Court interpreting Section 18 of the PMC Act 2020 and the Examination Regulations 2021 held that the MDCAT exam can be held on multiple days as long as each student can only take the exam only once each year. Therefore, the holding of the examination by the PMC as a computer-based exam and in the manner it held was considered valid.

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The Lahore High Court further held that the Examination Regulations 2021 of the PMC are according to the PMC Act 2020 and have been lawfully framed and duly implemented by the Commission in the conduct of the MDCAT examination.

The request of the Petitioners to declare the MDCAT examination as invalid and the Examination Regulations 2021 resulting in a re-conduct of the MDCAT exam was rejected by the court.

The court noted that students have been given the right to have their papers reviewed and hence sufficient opportunity has been given to the students to satisfy themselves leaving no reason to interfere in the concluded exam.