World’s 3rd-richest woman donates huge money for welfare work

3rd-richest woman

MacKenzie Scott 3rd-richest woman donates huge money for welfare work

Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, the world’s third-richest woman and owner of Amazon, has donated a large amount of money to charity.

According to foreign media reports, she has donated a huge amount of 2 2.7 billion dollars for welfare work.

The money donated by Mackenzie Scott will be spent on the areas, including education.

This money will be spent on welfare works through 286 charities.

Mackenzie Scott was married for the second time this year.

Who is Mackenzie Scott?

Mackenzie authhored two books
MacKenzie Scott 3rd-richest woman

Mackenzie, 51, met Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 1993, and they have four children. Their marriage ended in divorce.

Mackenzie hails from California, was one of Amazon’s first employees as an accountant.

Mackenzie is a successful novelist and author of two books.

She was a student of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tony Morrison at Princeton University.  She has authored two books that have been critically acclaimed and has received training from novelist Tony Morrison, who says she is one of his best students

Mackenzie also donated a whopping 1.7 billion to end racial discrimination, public health and climate change.

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