Woman arrested in murder case of informer is wife of a Chinese national

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Woman arrested in murder case of informer is wife of a Chinese national

KARACHI Dec 15,2021-  Fauzia arrested in the kidnapping and murder case of a Customs Intelligence informer in Karachi, is the wife of a Chinese national.

She is under arrested along with former SHO Sachal and a fake major.

The case is being investigated by a special police team under the supervision of Counter Terrorism Department investigating officer Raja Umar Khattab.

According to police sources, the investigation of the documents of the accused arrested in the murder case of the informer Fazal revealed that Fauzia, a 40-year-old accused belonging to the Christian community, had married Lian Zhegson, a Chinese citizen, in 2018.

Fauzia, a resident of Malir Baloch Mohalla Gadap, got married to a Chinese man on May 11, 2019, and registered with NADRA.

Accused Fauzia’s husband Lian Zhegson used to go to China and she used to get involved in illegal activities in Karachi.

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According to Raja Umar Khattab, the arrested accused continued to forge in the team of former SHO Sachal Haroon Korai by becoming a police officer with him.

Accused Fauzia also confessed to working for the fake Major Usman and several illegal acts and incidents.

 According to police officials, Fauzia made the video of handcuffed body of informer Fazal who was killed in a fake encounter.

A special police team under the supervision of CTD officer Raja Umar Khattab had arrested six accused in the Fazal murder case on finding evidence. Former SHO Sachal Haroon Korai, Fauzia, Usman alias Major and other accused are in jail.

Customs informer Fazal was abducted on July 17 in a police mobile from his house in Surjani Town.


Fazal’s bullet-riddled body was found that night in the Steel Town area.

With Fazal’s help, Customs Intelligence seized betel nuts worth Rs 7 crore in May. The seized goods allegedly belonged to Imran Masood and his accomplice Waheed Kakar.