Why 1400 dolphins killed in Danish Islands?

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Why 1400 dolphins killed in Danish Islands?

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The slaughter of more than 1400 dolphins as part of a traditional hunt on the Faroe Islands in Denmark on Saturday night has sparked outrage among animal rights activists.

According to British media, animal rights activists sais that around 1,500 Atlantic white-faced dolphins were killed with knives and spears during the hunt.

The animal rights group has expressed outrage over the killing of hundreds of dolphins.

Hunters in the Faroe Islands riding speed boats and jet skis ambushed and slaughtered a super-pod of more than 1,400 white-sided.

This process is called ‘Grand Drop’ by the inhabitants of the Danish islands.

The Sea Shepherd Campaign Group shared footage of hundreds of dolphins lying dead on the beach and the sea turning red with blood from their wounds.