October 17, 2021

We’re separated, says YouTuber Hussam

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We're separated, says YouTuber Hussam

Shumaila and Hassam, who have a special place in Pakistan’s leading YouTubers, have split up. Hussam confirmed the separation in a social media post.

He shared poet Mohsin Naqvi’s ghazal “I am no longer scared” and confirmed his separation from his wife Shumaila after 10 years of marriage.

 “Yes, we are separated, the life ahead is stronger than ever,” wrote YouTuber Hussam. Learnt important life lessons. ”

In this post, he also wrote a poem by Mohsin Naqvi:

By going away from someone, Breaking up

By accepting someone, Someone’s going to rot

I’m not scared anymore, 

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It may be noted that the news of couple’s divorce was circulating in the last few days, but now Hussam has also announced to start his new life by posting an official post. 

The noted vlogger and Youtuber Hussam Ahmad Awan informed the fans about the divorce through his Instagram stories.

He wrote that the start of a new life will take time to recover, but life has taught important lessons.

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In another story, Hussam responded to all the messages by saying that Shumaila had filed a case against him in the court.

He said that life is the name of trust, compromise, separation or divorce has never been the solution.

Hussam said that everyone leaves and in the end only the couple survives, but now I have no one, it is difficult for me to admit that, it is nothing less than a nightmare.

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