Welfare bodies to be involved in managing graveyards in Karachi  

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KARACHI: Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed has said that managing committees are being formed to improve the condition of the cemeteries.

Initially six graveyards – Sakhi Hassan, Mohammed Shah (North Karachi), Isa Nagar, Model Colony, Tariq Road and Al Noor graveyards will be handed over to the management committees, and hoped the situation will improve.

Addressing a meeting held in connection with the graveyards, which was attended by representatives of different social and welfare organizations, he said, the Managing Committees issued certificates for burial in the cemeteries, overseeing gravediggers charges, preventing the burial of the graves and theft of dead bodies’ organs, and issuing certificates for burial of dead bodies, in addition to street lights and pedestrians in the graveyards.

Briefing the meeting the director, Iqbal Parvez said that there are 203 graveyards in the city, 89 general and other societies have graveyards while 39 are registered and 50 are unregistered. There are 9 graveyards in Malir and 4 in Korangi, most of them are filled with cemeteries.

The increase in the number of dead bodies in has also increased due to covid.