Water water everywhere from Kambar Shahdadkot to Manchhar

flood satellite photo

Pakistani economy at risk due to flood

Water water everywhere.  Everywhere is water in the cities and areas of the more than 150 km route from Kambar Shahdadkot to Manchhar Lake. Hundreds of villages in Warah, Sujawal and Dadu tehsils of Mehar and Johi are under water due to flood from Warah to Manchhar Lake.

Tehsil Khairpur Nathan Shah and many of its villages are submerged in water. A 50-foot crack that recedes between RD 4 and 5 in the Puran River near Badin has yet to be repaired.

Millions of people are affected by the water coming out of Hamal Lake from the Main Nara Valley Drain from Warah of Shahdad Kot Tehsil to Manchhar Lake.

The tehsils of Sujawal Junejo, Warah, Qubo Saeed Khan of Qamber Shahdad Kot district are still under water. Despite the cutting of various canals and roads, the water level could not be reduced.

Khairpurnathan Shah town of Dadu district has been under water for 10 days, while hundreds of its villages still have water. The victims are sitting helplessly in sheds and tents.

Two more cuts made to Manchhar dyke 

Flood Dispatch: Transporters, Boatmen’s Booming Business and Khairpur Nathan Shah’s Abandoned Dogs 

Shehbaz Sharif and Bilawal get aerial review of flood affected area of Kambar

To avoid floods, the citizens of Mehar and Johi are continuing to work to strengthen the ring dyke.

The breaches that occurred two days ago in Badin could not be repaired. Water is flowing to more than 30 villages. A 300-foot-wide breach occurred at the same place 8 days ago, which was repaired, but a 50-foot-wide breach occurred again.

At Rawa Mori near Chilia in Thatta, the pressure of the Indus caused a breach in the Zamindari embankment, causing several houses to be submerged.

Water came into the barracks of the prisoners 236 prisoners were shifted to Khairpur from Naushehro Feroze District Jail.