Ume Hani got married said to be minor

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Ume Hani got married said to be minor

Ume Hani a girl from Hyderabad who married on her will is said to be minor was alleged abduction and married.

Her father Nasir Arain was shocked and upset after hearing about the marriage of missing 12-year-old Ume Hani.

Nasir Arain who has a fruit stall in Karachi, is hoping for justice from the trial court. Sindh Women’s Development Department assured the family to assist in legal battle.

Ume Hani, a resident of Preetabad, went missing on May 21, but police registered an FIR on May 24 and on the same day, the girl’s father was shown Ume Hani’s marriage certificate also stating that she had married on her will.

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The girl filed a protection petition in the court where her father Nasir Arain appeared but could not meet his daughter.

Nasir Arain told media that as his marriage was not made 18 years back, how his daughter can be 18 years old, while Ume Hani’s marriage certificate states that she is 18 years old.

Provincial Minister for Women’s Development Shehla Raza took notice of the incident, after which Nasir Arai was contacted by the Women’s Development officials and assured of legal assistance.