Two suspects of banned militant group killed near Obawaro

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Two suspects of banned militant group killed near Obawaro

KARACHI, 24,2022- Sindh police claimed two suspects belonging to the banned militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi were killed in Obawaro, at Sindh-Punjab border town.

One of the accused was involved in targeted killings and had been missing from radar for several days.

According to the Counter Terrorism Department, Abdul Hameed alias Abdul Majeed belonged to Rahim Yar Khan while Imam-uddin Potafi belonged to Mirpur Mathelo.

According to CTD officials, Abdul Hameed is included in the Punjab Home Department’s fourth schedule and has been involved in the target gangs of the opposition sects. He had been missing for some time and it was learned that he had moved to Malaysia.

A national identity card with Malaysian address written on it has also been recovered from the accused.

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From Imam-uddin Potafi a card of Jamia Haidaria of Khairpur Madrassa was recovered. The madrassa was run by Ali Sher Haideri, the slain leader of Sipah-e-Sahaba, and was taken over by his son after his death.

Police have not been able to trace the target of the accused, officials said, adding that their other accomplices are being traced through the phones and SIMs recovered from the accused.

It may be recalled that in Ghotki district, apart from the places of worship of the Hindu community, other shrines and imambargahs are situated.

Ghotki’s surrounding districts Shikarpur and Jacobabad have also witnessed some terrorism incidents.

Counter-Terrorism police have registered a case against the two accused on charges, including the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The SHO has stated in the FIR that the police were conducting a checking on Langha Road at around one o’clock in the afternoon. Two men on a motorbike saw them and changed the direction of the motorbike. When the police called them suspicious, they opened fire.

Police also responded the fires while taking shelter of nearby wall. Meanwhile the accused threw a desi-bomb which blasted on the open ground, but the police remained safe. After that they detonated a second bomb, which killed both the accused.