Two Narratives in PML-N: Shahbaz vs Nawaz:

Shehbaz vs Nawaz Sharif

Two Narratives in PML-N: Shahbaz vs Nawaz

Two narratives have emerged in PML-N, the biggest opposition political party of Pakistan. Stance of Maryam Nawaz is conflicting stand of party’s president Shehbaz Sharif.

Commenting on Maryam Nawaz’s recent statement senior analyst Hassan Nisar said that life is the name of reconciliation. “Politics is nothing but reconciliation, without it families of few people cannot go further.

However today, Nawaz Sharif is at the center of national politics.”

The end of the world’s biggest war, there had been reconciliation. Nawaz Sharif’s statement is not appropriate, Hassan Nisar said in a tv talk show.

“Shahbaz Sharif is like a statesman and Shahbaz Sharif’s statement is mature. Reconciliation is the only solution,” he opined.

“In my opinion, the biggest problem with Kashmir is that its people are being humiliated here, they are crawling in the name of survival, their problems, aren’t there any problems? he raised the question.

Hassan Nisar said, “the statement made by Bilawal Bhutto regarding the position of Shahbaz Sharif is technically correct. Maryam has no status yet. She is also the party head and opposition leader.”

Nawaz Sharif is at center of national politics

PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that PPP and ANP have left PDM, their paths are now separate.

Talking to the media outside the Karachi accountability court on Monday, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said, “I did not tell anyone that I would resign from the PDM. Even today, Nawaz Sharif is at the center of national politics.”

The former prime minister said that it was his job to implement and defend the decisions of the PDM.

Criticizing the government, Shahid Khaqan said that the country will not run by talking the opposite of growth, the country runs by the rule of law and the constitution, the country cannot develop by lying.

The former prime minister said that we will go round the courts but will the country be able to move forward with this? Is our foreign policy free? Can our country be called free?

He said that there is talk of emotions in the parliament, opposition is working in the National Assembly and Senate, there is no economic step of this government that can improve the country, GDP is less than 2018 today.


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