Two more cuts made to Manchhar dyke

Manchhar cuts

Two more cuts made to Manchhar dyke

Irrigation authorities have performed on Tuesday two more cut at the dyke of the Manchhar Lake to protect Sehwan and other cities. On Sunday the cut made but it failed to reduce water level in the lake.

The lake is at its overtopping point and its water has already reached the outskirts of Sehwan, where the local airport has reportedly been flooded.

Latest reports said that the Irrigation Department has installed 2 cuts near Manchhar Lake near RD 50 and 52.

Irrigation Minister Jam Khan Shoro said that the water level of Manchhar Lake did not decrease despite its first cut at Yousuf Bagh.

According to the provincial minister, the water pressure will decrease in Dadu, Khairpur Nathan Shah and Mehar after giving more cuts.

Due to the earlier cut of Manchhar Lake, the water has flowed into the USC Chana and Arazi after submerging the UC Bobak.

Manchhar water inundates hundreds of villages, it collided with the Indus highway near Sewhan toll plaza, Bubak-Sewhan link road was submerged, hundreds of people were trapped inside the houses in the submerged UCs. The affected people are migrating on their own.

On Monday, water experts and leaders of Save Manchhar Alliance said that 25 to 30,000 cusecs of water enters Manchhar from the MNV drain and FP dyke cut into Manchhar while and from Lal Bagh Yousuf 7,500 cusecs of water is discharged.

But Manchhar still needed outlet to reduce the pressure, hence between RD 54 and a cut was suggested near village Rudnani.

The pressure on the dyke has increased at RD 53 to 56, the water waves have eroded the dyke up to 8 feet and the pitching has collapsed and water gauge installed there has also been washed away.

On the other hand, according to private TV, it has been decided to cut Manchhar Lake from two more places, from RD 55 and RD 80. The water coming out of the cut will enter the Indus River between Karampur and the Indus Link