Trump as president will not be able to pardon himself

Foremr US president

Who was Matthew Crooks, the man who attacked Trump?

Legal experts say that even if Trump wins the election and becomes the president, he will not be able to pardon himself as the president.  This is because, New York state has instituted this case, not the federal government, and only the Governor of New York can grant a pardon.

Trump could face prison terms and, if convicted, he can be kept in house arrest. Even conviction, will not keep Trump from the White House. Trump has been found guilty of 34 charges.

The sentence will be announced on July 11. In principle, he can be sentenced to four years in prison for each crime, but legal experts say they are more likely to get a reprieve.

Daughter’s reaction to the court decision against Donald Trump

His daughter Ivanka Trump has reacted to former US President Donald Trump being found guilty of all 34 charges in the case of paying money to a pornographic actress to remain silent.

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has expressed her solidarity with her father.

She shared a picture of her childhood in her father’s lap on social media and wrote, “Papa I love you.” Earlier, the former US President had said that this is a rigged hearing by a controversial and corrupt judge. The real decision will be made by the people on November 5, I am a very innocent person, everyone knows what happened here.

It should be noted that for the first time in American history, a former US president has been convicted in a criminal case.

Former US President Trump convicted for paying hush money to pornographic star