Trainee DSP Umair Bajari Jailed as Police Involvement in Robbery Exposed

Umair Bajari DSP

Trainee DSP Umair Bajari Jailed as Police Involvement in Robbery Exposed (foto FB )

Karachi, Nov 26, 2023 – A sensational scandal has rocked Karachi as the high-profile dacoity case took an unexpected turn with the arrest of Trainee DSP Umair Bajari, shedding light on alleged police involvement in the robbery of 4 crores from a businessman’s residence.

In a shocking development, SSP Imran Qureshi from Sindh was swiftly removed from his position and sent back to the federal government amid the unfolding investigation.

The plot thickened with the apprehension of three more informers – Azhar, Mehmood, and Abdul Sattar – in connection with the robbery. Notably, one of the informers is purportedly linked to SSP South Imran Qureshi, adding layers of complexity to the case.

IG Sindh has taken a proactive stance, urging the Home Department to take action against the former SSP of Karachi South, Imran Qureshi, in connection with an extortion case involving a significant amount.

Karachi Police Chief Khadim Rind asserted the ongoing nature of the investigation against DSP (UT) Umair Tariq Bajari and others, ensuring that appropriate actions will be taken. Rind emphasized the necessity of transparency in police operations and discouraged the involvement of private parties and officers in plain clothes during raids.

During court proceedings, DSP Umair Tariq Bajari was remanded to jail on judicial custody, while the three accused were remanded to police custody until November 26. The court scrutinized the progress of the case, emphasizing the arrest of informers and the imperative need for further investigation into the removed SSP Imran Qureshi.

Trainee DSP Umair Bajari received preferential treatment during court proceedings and in jail, being accorded full protocol without handcuffs. The legal proceedings took an unexpected turn as an application against Bajari was withdrawn following a meeting with human rights lawyer Roshan Afzal.

As the unfolding legal drama captures public attention, profound questions arise regarding the involvement of law enforcement officials and the intricate details of the ongoing investigation. The case marks a significant blow to the trust in the integrity of the police force, prompting a reevaluation of internal protocols and accountability mechanisms.

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