Tareen mustering support, Fans hold more meetings

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LAHORE: Pakistan Tahreek Insaf (PTI) lawmakers once again have a sitting at Jahangir Tareen’s residence in Lahore on Saturday.

The meeting was attended by more than 30 PTI lawmaker.

Sources said that future strategy was discussed in the meeting, participants opined that there is an option of resignation if injustices continue. However, the option of immediate resignations was rejected.

The lawmakers agreed to continue struggle for justice.

Sources said that Jehangir Tareen is arranging Iftar dinner for PTI members.

Two weeks back, Tareen hosted a dinner for PTI assembly members, which generated much controversy.  Later, one and half dozen PTI lawmakers sided him and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister Imran Khan to hear Tareen and do justice with him. But this letter was not positively responded.

Tareen Responds  

Meanwhile, PTI leader Jahangir Tareen said that he had nothing to do with the rising price of sugar or the sugar mafia. An attempt is being made to tarnish his reputation.

Talking to media outside the banking court in Lahore, Jahangir Tareen said that there is much talk of sugar mafia, sugar prices hike. But if one read the three FIRs, there is no mention of sugar mafia and the rise in sugar prices.

He said that 8 to 10 years old items of my business were raised in the FIR, a fictional story has been fabricated against me, my documentation is clear and transparent, I pay income tax every year.