Suspect arrested in murder of NED University student is a minor

NED Student Bilal

Suspect arrested in murder of NED University student is a minor

KARACHI Dec 16,2022- The arrested suspect involved in the killing of a student of NED University in Karachi is a minor.

Additional IG Karachi Javed Alam Odho speaking at a press conference in his office said that the arrested accused has been identified as Nizamuddin and is 16 years old.

He said that the team of SSP East started working only after the death of student Bilal Nasir. The deceased student of NED University offered resistance to foil bid of mobile snatching.

With the help of CCTV footage and other evidence, the accused Nizam was arrested in an injured state.

The accused Nizamuddin is an Afghan national who is a resident of Jamali Goth. The other accused has been identified, his relatives have been investigated.

NED University student killed while resisting mobile phone snatching bid

He said that increasing unemployment and poverty in the country is the cause of increase in street crimes.

Not to resist the robbers: Karachi Police Chief

Karachi Police Chief appealed to the citizens not to resist the robbers.

He said that the Afghans residing illegally in Karachi need to be brought under the rule of law.

Additional IG Karachi Javed Alam Odho said that this year there were 825 police encounters, 118 accused were killed in police encounters, 937 accused were arrested in injured condition.

He said that they want to change the perception of the police in Karachi, starting from the South Zone.

He said that the old style police mobiles are being replaced by digital smart cars, the policemen in these vehicles will be under camera surveillance.