Sunday rains increase plight of flood victims, 7 die in diseases

Flood victims

Sindh seeks services of 380 doctors from Punjab to serve in flood districts

Rains on Sunday in some cities of Sindh have increased the plight of the flood victims. The low-lying areas of Digri, Jhuddo, Tando Bago were submerged, while the already accumulated water increased further. In Mehar the death toll rose to 7.

According to the details, after severe suffocation and depression throughout the day, strong winds, heavy thunder and heavy rain occurred in Digri and Jhuddo areas on Sunday, which amplified the difficulties and problems of the victims sitting on the sides of the roads. The area was then submerged.

The breach occurred to Puran Dhoro near Jhuddo was not closed even after two weeks passed. The water level in the submerged city of Jhuddo and the villages rising continuously.

The citizens and villagers are struggling to close the breach on self help basis.

In Tondo Bago and its surroundings on Sunday evening, heavy rains with strong winds paralyzed the recovery system. The low-lying areas were flooded and thousands of victims in the relief camps faced difficulties.

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In Mehar, the number of those who died due to diseases among the flood victims reached 7, while 8 relief trucks of ration were stopped in the police station to give to the influential person. The flood affectees attacked the police station and staged a sit-in. The SHO was injured in the attack, the police dispersed the protesters by baton charging.

Three people died due to malaria, fever and gastroenteritis in Saleh Pat and nearby areas of Sukkur, while hundreds of people, including women and children, are suffering from diseases.

On the other hand, Kotri, an industrial city near Hyderabad, was also submerged in sewage water. After the rain, the sewage system broke down.