Sugar and wheat thieves are standing with PM Khan, says Saeed Ghani

Sindh minister warns against promotion of linguistic politics

KARACHI Nov 06,2021

Sindh information minister Saeed Ghani has said that sugar and wheat thieves are standing to the right and left of Prime Minister Imran Khan and it is because of them that the government was standing.

Speaking at a press conference provincial information Minister Saeed Ghani said that if the Sugar Commission Inquiry report had been against the PPP, everyone would have been in jails till then.

Saeed Ghani said that it was not the Sindh government but the people on Imran Khan’s right and left who were responsible for the rise in sugar prices.

The people are being punished for the incompetence of the government.

Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani further said that in the past the MQM had left the PPP government and they would continue to play tricks in the present government but would work on the same salary.