Standing Committee approves students unions bill in Sindh

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Standing Committee approves students unions bill in Sindh

KARACHI, Jan 28,2022- The Standing Committee of the Sindh Assembly has approve the proposed bill on students unions in colleges and universities which will be sent to the Sindh Assembly.

The meeting of the Standing Committee was held on January 25 in the Committee Room of the Sindh Assembly which was chaired by the Chairman Pir Mujeeb-ul-Haq.

According to the bill prepared by the committee, there will be student unions in private and public colleges, universities and other educational institutions and any person enrolled in the educational institutions will be able to vote for the student unions or participate in elections.

The draft suggests that the students of educational institutions will elect unions consisting of 7 to 11 representatives, every year. Union representatives will also be given representation in the syndicate of the university. The union will also get repersentation in the anti-harassment committee.

According to the draft, within two months after the passage of the bill in the Assembly, educational institutions will determine the rules and regulations of the student union.  

The bill, drafted by the committee, further states that the carrying and carrying of firearms will be banned in educational institutions, firearms will also be banned, student unions will conduct public interest programs and will be working for student facilities and educational institutions.

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Speaking to a private TV channel, the committee chairman Pir Mujeeb-ul-Haq said that the PPP leadership is in favor of student unions in educational institutions and now on the special instructions of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah we have succeeded in drafting the Student Union Bill with the hard work of the committee members.

Mujeeb-ul-Haq further said that work on the Student Union Bill has been going on for some time. Sindh will be the first province where student unions will be revived after the approval of the Assembly