Social Protection & Economic sustainability package in SIndh

Pro-Poor Social Protection & Economic sustainability package of Rs26.85 bn 

Agriculture: A Rs3000 million Subsidy for Seed, Fertilizer & Pesticides to Farmers.
Labour: Benazir Women Agricultural Workers Programme launched for Rs500 million.
Empowerment dept: A fund of Rs250 million for differently abled persons launched.
Grant to Universities: Rs1200 million allocated for scholarship to students/Position holders.
Grant to ‘versities: Rs2000 million allocated for Registration, Enrollment & Annual Exam Fees of Classes IX to XII.
Information Technology: Rs500 million for development of digital platform for Health, Agriculture & Education
Investment: Rs1000 million Equity Investment in NED Technology Park, through Sindh Enterprise Development Fund through SEDF
Rs100 million Digital Skills Training Program for Youth in collaboration with global tech players through SEDF
Rs100 million Establishment of Sector Specific Incubators and Accelerators through SEDF.
Housing: Rs2000 million for establishment of Housing Units for Poors in Sindh
Livestock & Fisheries: Rs500 million for Provision of Livestock to Poor Households
Rs500 million Sindh Livestock and Fisheries Enterprize Development
Social Welfare: Rs100 million Revamping / Establishment of Existing Orphanage.
Rs100 million Revamping of Old-Age Homes in Sindh.
Social Protection: Rs15,000 million Sindh Peoples Support Program.