SMIU celebrates cultural diversity

cultural diversity

SMIU celebrates cultural diversity - Ismail Rahu chief guest

Karachi: Dec 13, 2022 – Sindh Madressatul Islam University, which has an honour being the Alma Mater of Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, organised a cultural day with the title of “Colors of Pakistan: Celebrating Our Cultural Diversity” on Tuesday at SMIU.

Students had set up five different cultural halls in the premises of varsity representing culture of each province of Pakistan as: Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Cultural relics including traditional food, fabrics, furniture, musical instruments, cot, relhi, Ajrak, topi, handicrafts and other things were displayed in the halls.

All students were clad in cultural dresses. This is why, amazing colors of our whole cultural identities of provinces of Pakistan had made SMIU most beautiful and colorful. Life was seemed live during this festivity at SMIU.

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Mr. Mohammad Ismail Rahoo, Provincial Minister of Sindh’s Universities and Boards along with Vice Chancellor of SMIU Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai inaugurated the event, which was organised by Directorate of Students Affairs and Counselling (DSA) of SMIU.
Thereafter, while addressing the moot at SMIU’s Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium,  Rahoo said people living on both sides of Indus River in Pakistan, from Kashmir to Arabian Sea, do possess same culture of Indus Valley Civilization, that now brings closer to all people of Pakistan to each other. He said our culture and civilization is combined product of people since centuries.

The minister opined that ancient Ved were written on banks of Indus River and now spirit and enthusiasm of students shown during their performance on their respective cultural songs shows that our young generation is closely associated with their culture that will benefit country in many areas including promoting harmony in the country.
Mohammad Ismail Rahoo was of the view that presently we are passing through difficult days, but our culture, cultural values and centuries old traditions are binding us with each other in our joyful and sorrowful times.

Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai, Vice Chancellor SMIU in his speech said cultural diversity enhances tolerance, love and brotherhood in the society. Therefore, it was essential for SMIU to promote cultural diversity through this kind of events as young generation is the best ambassador of the culture. Dr. Sahrai said Sindh inherits a great civilization of Indus Valley and amazingly, we all including experts of archeology found specially drainage system of Mohen Jo Daro better than today’s constructions, during recent torrential rains.

Dr. Sahrai said five thousand years ago, our people had introduced agriculture in the world. Besides, peace is our culture as no weapon was found from Mohen Jo Daro, instead, a dancing girl was found from it. Therefore, young generation must show love for their culture that brings us together.

He expressed gratitude to Mr. Mohammad Ismail Rahoo on attending the event. Similarly, he praised the role of DSA’s Director Dr Asif Ali Wagan and his team for organising the most beautiful event. Dr. Sahrai praised the performance of students too.

Earlier, Dr. Asif Ali Wagan, Director DSA in his welcome address thanked Mr. Mohammad Ismail Rahoo and Vice Chancellor Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai for supporting and gracing the event by their presence. He said the basic objective of organising this event was to spray message of love and brotherhood in the country through cultural diversity, which is a need of the hour.

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Ghulam Mustafa Shaikh, Registrar, presented vote of thanks.
Before it, students of SMIU performed on tableaus depicting respective cultures of all provinces of Pakistan.
The cultural day was attended by deans, heads of various departments, faculty and students in a large number.