Sindh CM tells cabinet, 1669 new schemes started current year

Sindh CM tells cabinet, 1669 new schemes started current year

  • 4 KMC health facilities transferred to health department
  • Cotton fees decreased
  • Extension in tenure of educational heads
  • Admission policy BS Nursing in private colleges
  • SUIT Act rules
  • bBill for protection of doctors and hospitals
  • Land for Chinese embassy
  • Land for graveyards
  • Three UCs shifted to DMC Kemari
  • Development portfolio
  • Sindh Public Financial Management Reform Strategy

 KARACHi – Jul -17,2021 – Sindh chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said that 1669 new schemes have been started this year, departments have to focus and end this year.

He was presiding over a cabinet meeting here on Saturday, which took major decisions about health, education, local government and other departments. 

4 KMC health facilities transferred to health department

The Sindh cabinet on request of KMC decided to take over four KMC healthcare facilities to the provincial health department. These health facilities are Gizri Maternity Hospital, District South, Subhraj Maternity Hospital South District, Guzdarabad General Hospital District South and Landhi Medical Complex Korangi.

KMC used to spend Rs 800 million to run these health facilities. Now KMC is unable to run these health facilities properly due to financial problems. Even was unable to pay salaries to the employees of these health centers on time.

The Sindh government will not take Rs 800 million from the MC, now it will run these hospitals at its own expense.

The proposed hospitals will be transferred to the health department with staff.

Three Ucs shifted to DMC Kemari

The cabinet approved shifting the UC Mowach, UC Gabopat and UC Lal Bukhar from District Council Karachi to DMC Kemari.

Cotton fees

The Agriculture Department informed the Cabinet that the cotton fee is Rs20 per 100 kg in Sindh, while Punjab charges Rs10 per 100 kg of cotton. Sindh Cabinet approved collection of cotton fee of Rs10 per 100 kg

Extension in tenure of educational heads

Dawood University VC Dr. Faizullah Abbasi was allowed to continue work till appointment of new VC. The cabinet also approved extension of BISE Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpur Khas till appointment of new Chairmen.

The Sindh Cabinet approved the charter of the Ibn Sina University, Mirpurkhas.

Admission policy BS Nursing in private colleges

Sindh Cabinet approved admission policy of BS Nursing in private sector colleges. The eligibility test for admission will be through NTS. Weightage will be given to 70% qualified persons. 30% weightage will be on educational qualifications. Educational Qualification FSC will be on pre-medical basis, form fee for candidate will be 1500 and test fee for qualified will be 600.

SUIT Act rules

SUIT Act 1991 rules were also approved, these rules are for SIUT employees.

Bill for protection of doctors and hospitals

Sindh Cabinet also approved Sindh Healthcare Services and Facilities (Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Bill 2021. Under the bill, steps have been taken to prevent vandalism in hospitals and violence against doctors. Vandalism or violence by a patient’s heirs in a hospital will now be against the law.

Land for Chinese embassy

The cabinet was informed that Institute of Pakistan Tourism wanted Chinese embassy to take plot.

The plot is owned by the Department of Culture and is attached to the Chinese Embassy. The Sindh cabinet approved the allotment of the plot to the Chinese embassy.

Motor Vehicle Law

Amendment to Sindh Motor Vehicle Law was approved, and the words BRT, Corridor have been added and explained.

BRT buses will not need route permits but will operate under mass transit permission.

Land for graveyards

Sindh Cabinet approves allotment of 10 acres of land to Masjid Rizwan Trust Karachi for cemetery. This land is given in Deh Mowach, Taluka Mirpur, District Kemari.

The Sindh cabinet has given land at Rs 100,000 per acre to Masjid Rizwan Trust for cemetery. An authority will be set up which will allot and regulate the cemetery land.

Sindh Public Financial Management Reform Strategy

Finance Secretary Hassan Naqvi briefed the cabinet on Sindh Public Financial Management Reform Strategy.

The reforms are aimed at spending public money on transparency, revenue mobilization and transparency, the briefing said.

It also includes the cost of transparent salaries and pensions, Sindh Chief Minister said.

Development portfolio

Briefing the meeting on the development portfolio, Chairperson P&D Shereen Narejo said that development portfolio in the year 22-2021 is 329.02 billion, out of Rs 329.02 billion, Rs 222.50 billion is for provincial ADP.

The briefing said Rs30 billion for district ADP, Rs 71.36 billion for foreign projects and Rs 5.36 billion for federal PSDP.

Sindh Chief Minister said that the provincial government will complete the target of Rs 14.098 billion through 603 schemes in the first quarter and added “I want the provincial ministers to pay full attention to the completion of development schemes.”

In the second quarter, 269 schemes will cost Rs 19.572 billion, while the third quarter will be completed at a cost of Rs 10.133 billion on 162 schemes, the cabinet was told.


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